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Our Story

The Passage is a focused PR and Media strategy group that has provided PR services in Pakistan to private and public sector companies since the year 2000. Our journey began when our CEO, Saleem Mahmood, started serving our oldest client, the National Investment Trust, in 2000. It has been a roller coaster ride since then, as we have been able to serve many prestigious clients belonging to multiple sectors, and still have one of the broadest and diverse client portfolios among PR agencies in Pakistan. 

We take pride in fostering relationships, not just clients, by delivering required services and executing agreed PR strategies effectively.

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Our Work Ethics

At The Passage, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their most ambitious reputation management goals and strategic communications objectives. Our team, with its professionalism and experience, offers strategic counsel, creative solutions, and timely, responsive services.

Our strategic approach to both traditional and digital media ensures that our clients’ messages reach their target audiences efficiently. We carefully assess our clients, their industries, and their reputation, using public information and media perspectives. We engage in discussions with our clients’ communication teams to identify gaps between objectives and execution. Our team then brainstorms and devises communication plans for the short and long term, ensuring quick and consistent service delivery.

We attribute our success to our excellent team, which is dedicated to our clients’ goals and objectives. We practice an ethical, no-nonsense approach to public relations that values clarity of thought and honesty of expression above empty promises and meaningless jargon.

What sets us apart is our unique, goal-oriented approach to PR and Media strategy. We’ve successfully planned and executed some of the best communication programs and media strategies in the industry. This success is made possible due to our exceptional relations with national media, a deep understanding of client needs, and expertise in planning and executing communication campaigns.

Our Evolution

As business needs evolve, we evolve too. We continuously develop our people and strengthen our capabilities to accomplish goals and objectives that matter to you.

The Passage has transformed into a full service communication agency, offering a full spectrum of perception management, image building, communication services, issue resolution, and damage control. We remain dedicated to excellence and success in all communication disciplines.

We’ve consistently surmounted challenges that our competitors deemed impossible. Today, we’re a reliable and trusted name in the industry. We achieve this by living up to our core values: seeking excellence in what we do, transparency, integrity, and a focus on our clients’ needs and objectives

Our Expert Team

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Saleem Mahmood

Chief Executive

Saleem Mahmood, founder and CEO of “The Passage,” has a passion for strategic PR and communications. His journey began as a public relations officer at Pakistan International Airlines, leading him to establish The Passage in 2000. Under his leadership, the company has executed thriving PR campaigns and set industry standards. Mr. Mahmood holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Karachi University.


Naveed Baig

Director Media Relations

Naveed Baig is a well-known figure among Pakistan’s journalists for over two decades. At The Passage, he manages content placement and fosters strong relationships with media professionals nationwide. His interaction with print and electronic media has been integral to the success of media plans and strategies.


Muhammad Aqil

Director Operations and Strategy

With over 21 years of experience, Mr. Aqil specializes in management, client services, and strategic content development. His expertise in these areas adds significant value to our organization. He is responsible for setting overall direction for the company and manage the resources to achieve our goals. 



Osama Siddiqui

Associate Director Clientele

For a decade, Osama Siddiqui has managed key accounts at The Passage, working with a wide range of clients. He leads the team responsible for developing and executing communication strategies and campaigns for prestigious clients like Toyota, Bayer, PMI, GSK, National Foods, and more. Mr. Siddiqui holds an MBA in marketing.


Fareed Ahmed

Manager - Digital PR

Fareed Ahmed brings extensive experience in media research and client relationship management to The Passage. Over eight years with the company, he has provided services to key clients and now leads the digital PR wing, establishing relations with key influencers and executing digital PR campaigns.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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