Reduction In Used Cars’ Age Limit


The decision to allow 5 years old cars taken last year was based on a continuous negative campaign against the local car makers, over the last few years, the allegations had become perceptions and the industry or the PR side of it was unable to convince the journalists otherwise.


To counter the misperception and to highlight the disadvantages of importing used cars – causing havoc to local auto industry, The Passage initiated a well planned campaign to establish a ground that the government is being misled by mafia resulting in closure of small engineering concerns along with car manufacturers and other allied industries. Encounters with journalists, media briefings, appearances in electronic media, a series of independent stories and regular follow ups of devastating impact on production of local brand new cars, highlighted the industry’s point of view.


On 22nd November, ECC announced reversal of age limit of imported used cars back to three years. Now, this decision will prove in years to come, not only favorable to the local auto and allied industries but the consumers as well as local manufacturing will ultimately help the industry to grow and bring new technologies, models and more foreign brands to Pakistan.