Clearance Of IPP’s Dues


IPPs were facing problems due to non-payment by the Government against the electricity they generated and supplied to the government. Initially IPPs were buying required fuel from PSO by paying them in advance in order to generate power but later the things got worse which resulted in a circular debt. Even after many discussions, the government was not taking the issue seriously and the IPPs were left with no option but to invoke Sovereign Guarantee for clearance of their dues and filing a petition in the honorable Supreme Court.


We keep highlighting the issue in the media well before filing the case thus the case got into limelight as soon as the petition was filed. Due to continuous feeding of the facts about pending payments and giving a little insight about other issues the IPPs were facing in power generation, we managed to spread awareness in the media and masses about the case, pressurizing the government to find a solution soon.


Supreme Court was influenced by the press releases and exclusive stories we did with facts and figures on the issue which resulted the verdict in IPPs favor and the government started paying them in installments. The newly elected government of PML-N then released all the pending payments to IPPs soon after taking charge.