Editorial Services

Content development is one of our main strengths and when it comes to editorial services we are unmatchable. Ranging from idea generation to publication of press releases, exclusive stories and promotional copies, we are a trusted name. We always keep in mind our target publications and readers while developing the media content. The biggest testimony to our claim is that the content we develop usually passes uncut from editorial desks of most of the newspapers.

Media Training

The increasing importance media is gaining with every passing day, it has become pertinent for organizations to learn to deal with media. The Passage facilitates and trains its clients on media handling strategies so that they speak for their brand and organization with confidence. We equip them with necessary tools required to deal with media tactfully

Crisis Communication

The golden rules of any crisis communications situation is to release calculated information instead of remaining silent and support speculations and negative word of mouth. Because we cannot anticipate when a crisis will hit, it is essential to be prepared for myriad situations. The Passage develops comprehensive crisis planning and communications plans that prepares our clients and spokespeople(spokesperson) to proactively respond to internal and external corporate crises and adverse events.

Media Monitoring

Our Media Monitoring department monitors all national & regional newspapers in Urdu, English as well as regional languages as per the client’s requirement. Analysis of every related news as to how it impacts the client directly or indirectly and timely advice to the client if any action is required to be taken against any news is the prime responsibility. News archiving is another major service offered under Media Monitoring, as we maintain a specific database where all client related news are archived.

Media Coverage Analytical Report

This report provides an in-depth analysis and description of the client’s standing in media, particularly in positive media stream. Also a thorough analysis of the industry, prevailing issues as well as competitors’ visibility in media is evaluated periodically to support our strategic approach towards client’s PR, which eventually helps the client gain(shouldn’t be it gaining?) a competitive edge in industry

Reputation Management

Image building is one of the major services offered by The Passage. In PR industry, credibility is the deciding factor, which can make you or break you. Unlike conventional advertising, in PR you don’t have to pay some million odd amount to build your image. The Passage helps in building trust & reputation through effective and transparent communication, by making PR as an integral part of clients’ strategic planning.

Public Affairs & Govt. Relations

As government policy strengthens its play within the private sector, it is becoming essential for businesses to build a presence on top. To meet our clients’ evolving interest in selling into government, we have developed exemplary relations program that produces strategic and effective persuasive campaigns. Our strategically tailored government outreach campaigns help businesses build relationships, shape legislation and educate officials about issues and trends of importance to their business—in short; creating a more favorable policy environment for each client’s diversified offerings.

Mass Media Outreach

Throughout our history, the core competence of The Passage and the principle reason why clients retain us has been our unswerving focus on results. And in the public relations business, clients define results as a steady, consistent flow of outstanding, on-target, on-message media coverage. It is what we are known for and we are proud of it. Nobody does it better. The cornerstone of all clients’ programs is a comprehensive and prioritized media program that promotes your story to all appropriate and agreed-upon print and electronic media channels, from industry verticals to key trade press to major national business outlets. Your account team is proactively and creatively pitching your story to reporters every day.