Implementation of Air Safety Rules


As per aviation rules, the pilots of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) were allowed rest after each flight of at least 12 hours for the purpose of safety. But the management of PIA was not following this rule, scheduling the pilots’ flights as such that they had to fly back to back flights which could have resulted in various possible accidents, while other issues regarding air safety were also being overlooked.


An association of pilots named PALPA decided to take action against this issue. To help PALPA counter this practice, a campaign was started by The Passage to stress upon that  such  schedules  were  creating problems as it was getting hectic for pilots,  thus becoming a potential risk of safety for air travel in the country. The Passage, using its past experiences and concrete media  strategy, started highlighting the  flaws in planning by PIA management and deviation from safety rules. Furthermore numerous appearances on Electronic media were also arranged during the campaign.


As a result of our campaign the Management of PIA had to form committees after the Ministry of Defense intervened and the strict compliance of the PIA-PALPA working agreement was ordered by the GOP. Since we embarked on the project 2 working agreements as per routine and requirement have been successfully signed and implemented.